For this branding I created a stylised icon of a stag to represent the main element of the client’s family crest which has the motto ‘Safety in Strength’. The stag motif origin creates a strong story behind the brand, while the stag signifies strength, power and agility: key areas of focus for the STAG fitness classes that are based around using functional strength movements e.g. kettle bells, barbells, ropes, and sandbags.

The logo needed to grow with the business, and have the potential to be applied to clothing, merchandise and fitness equipment when needed at large and small sizes.

Project Details

  • Client:  Ben, founder of STAG Strength and Conditioning
  • Tasks:  Design of logo and branding

Logo development ideas…

Option 1:
  • Sideways asymmetrical stance shows-off the shape of the head and neck in this more traditional design
  • Simple curved lines add elegance and contouring
  • Wide neck and large antlers hint at strength and power.
Option 2:
  • An angular, symmetrical version of the stags head – I felt this design had more distinction and character
  • Added interest with angled eyes to give expression, and dynamic antler angles to hint at speed and precision
  • I experimented with the icon at the point where the antlers meet the top of the head. I found that at small sizes, a simple straight split between the head and the antlers looked most effective.